Prepare yourself for the Family of Fear! There are up to 200 volunteers that make Arx Mortis, in Killen Alabama, one of the best haunted house attractions in the United States. There are all ages, all walks of life, that come together to scare the hell of of patrons and support each other through the good, the bad, and the scary.

After a string of positively reviewed successful seasons the haunt finds itself reeling from a weak season littered with poor reviews. The family has to come together this year and recover to bring the haunt back to former glories.

What are the ties that bring these truly unique individuals together each haunt season? Their stories are sadly similar as different as they often look from one another. Many have suffered bullying due to their uniqueness in the small southern towns surrounding Arx Mortis. Others suffer with depression and other challenges with no real community or family support system to help. The family bathed in fake blood comes together to support each other, to laugh, to cry, and to scare people, “that’s what we do.”

Family of Fear is surprisingly funny, shockingly scary, and meaningfully poignant.

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