Who are we?

Well, we are storytellers, we are filmmakers, and at least two of us try to call ourselves musicians.

Stephen Lackey

Director of films, editor of films, and people wrangler. His best quality is being able to talk people into going on these crazy journeys with him. Stephen is a legally blind filmmaker, something unique in such a visual industry. He tells stories in movie form through a combination of technological advancements and collaboration. When he doesn’t execute the shot he is able to fully articulate his vision to Zach or Mike for the shot. He does shoot quite a bit and he is the primary editor on all of his projects.

Mike Young

Producer of films, and jack of all trades. He shoots good video, but he also just sort of figures things out when Stephen freaks out during a shoot.

Zach Martin

Shooter of films and assistant editor of films. Zach has a great eye for shooting motion and he’s pretty fast with the Final Cut Pro hotkeys too, sometimes too fast.


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