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Family of Fear


In Killen, Alabama, population just under a thousand, a fifty-thousand square foot haunted attraction brings people in mass every year to be scared for the Halloween season.

The actors and makeup artists are all volunteers.

These “spooks” as they call themselves work from eight to sometimes fourteen hours a day every weekend through September and October and every night for the last seven days of October for what they call HELL WEEK.

In Family of Fear we meet the eclectic family and learn how challenging it is to be different in the deep south. They struggle with being bullied, and many deal with depression and other mental illness. The “haunt family” supports each other, saving many young people from suicide or going to prison. These young people say they feel comfortable being themselves among the other spooks, and more than once the haunt is called the only “safe” place they know.

Family of Fear is moving, often funny, and even a little scary. We meet the quirky bunch that call this haunted house home and see all the blood, sweat, and tears they put into this one-time flea market to make it one of the scariest places in the country.


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